something to say when there’s nothing to say
hey i got an A on Mr. Karovic’s test
“u know”
by mclaza November 24, 2020
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You know what that means, I'm pretty sure. It's a bit like saying "you know how it is / u know what to do", a bit like saying that some bs are real

ur hoe: babe I’m horny, can I come over?

you: u know the deal


also she: just got out of the bathroom, I’m fresh for u

you: u know the deal Shawty, I’m comin
by Joedoejoe January 26, 2021
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The Whitest Kids U’Know (WKUK) is a sketch comedy pogram which aired its first season on Fuse in March of 2007, but then moved to IFC where it can be aired in all its uncensored goodness.

The show features comedians Trevor Moore, Zach Cregger, Darren Trumeter, Timmy Williams and Sam Brown.

Watching WKUK has been known to produce an extremely euphoric high in many individuals, or extreme disgust or offence in others.

Either way, it’s easily the greatest thing to happen to television since it was invented.
Hey, where'd that Hitler Rap come from?

That's the Whitest Kids U Know, man.
by Kaptain Metalbowl January 7, 2008
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a super fucking obvious yoonmin moment in serendipity
All this is no coincidence
Just, just, by my feeling
The whole world is different from yesterday
Just, just, with your joy

When you called me
I became your flower
As if we were waiting
We bloom until we ache

Maybe it’s the providence of the universe
It just had to be that
U know, I know
You are me, I am you
by Ukiyo浮世 December 8, 2018
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a way to spell "cunt" or "C-U-N-T" without having to spell the whole thing; a play on words
"I'm done with that C-U-know what. She's triflin."
by Adolf Oliver Bouchere May 27, 2008
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A place believed to be the promised land and/or the place where all who are wise must attain in order to gain uncomprehensible "wae"
"Do u know da wae my brudda." "Yes my brudda, I have ebola, trust in our queen and she will lead us to da wae."
by The knower of da wae January 16, 2018
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A meme that will be surely dead by next month
Ugandan Knuckles : do u know da way??2?
Also Ugandan Knuckles : *serious clucking*
by mainem January 14, 2018
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