The meaning for someone who likes to get freebies from poor people who recently passed away. this term means some person gets lured into a certain place and then (s)he gets Ollied for their most valuable stuff
Wow man you lost you're hat, you've been ollied
by Leetking September 17, 2008
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A small poo, often excreted in bunches resembling grapes.

Can also be used as an insult to convay that someone is stupid or dim.
"Whoa, go and look in the loo, that it one huge bunch of ollies i've just crapped out!"

"Why did you do that 'soft ollies', you're so stupid!"
by Vic and Kate Stanley August 03, 2005
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The name Ollie derived from the Latin meaning for Olive or Olive tree, also Oliver. It means to extend the Olive branch in peace what a joke. The real meaning is the wife of Satan. Or Ollie Ollie Oxen free which means to be free of Bullcrap! Ollie is a Malicious, Two faced, Evil, Sinful, Vile, Rude Vulgar pest, smelling nasty, Deceitful, conceited, arrogant unfaithful, ill-mannered, Hateful pig rat, wrathful, Santanic, Beastly, loathed, Monstrous,crud,foul smelling Harmful, looking for attention twisted small eyed big lip Twat!
Ollie a (Evil) (hateful) (pest)
by takethat1 February 07, 2010
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The name your parents give you if they both have down-syndrome.
"Ollie come here" his parents yelled as they we're oblivious of the stupid name they gave their loser son.
by Lvl2Wizard August 19, 2016
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THE most bangin blonde chick with super naked blue eyes ever, i would do her in a snap.
ollie has a breath taking hiney. jI would like to make friends with it
by stinkystan April 07, 2005
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Another word for trampy Gay dic head who takes his dad up the ass for comfort & fun
OLLIE:dad my boyfriend dumped me
DAD:oh ollie baby thats great news. Now you can give me another anal
by king flob April 28, 2008
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cocaine or cocaine dealer
shortened from "cocaine ollie"
i know this isnt well known yet but soon customers will be asking for/naming their dealers ollie
i'm going round the corner to pick up (some) ollie
by thiswordwillbebigsomeday July 06, 2009
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