Only 1~2% of people have green eyes!
My Dad has green eyes.
by Starchylde March 24, 2017
A georgeous and underappreciated eye color. Most blue eyes aren't even all that pretty, but more bland, and brown eyes are beautiful when they are dark yet too common which takes away the appeal of them.
Green eyes are prettier than most blue eyes.
by raspberry (lust) muffin June 7, 2005
A georgeous and underappreciated eye color. Many blue eyes are beautiful, but many are also very bland and not at all attractive. Brown eyes are beautiful when they are dark, yet so common it takes away the appeal of them, though they are georgeous as well. Green eyes have their own beauty to them and can be very sexy, and in their own way the most beautiful of the three, especially when a deep green.
by raspberry (lust) muffin June 28, 2005
Green eyes are sexiest because they are colored but not as common as blue eyes, they're exotic without being as boring as brown eyes.
by yayo April 13, 2005
An eye color. It can be very attractive, and often is, but is not more special than other colors besides being less common. I say this without contempt for green-eyed people, since I am one of them.
Girl- Whoa, I wish I had brown eyes insted of "green eyes". My eyes are so ugly.
Boy- I think you have beautiful eyes.
by Nonegiven33 November 15, 2006
Eyes that some feel are sexy or exotic, but some people with green eyes, such as myself, feel they seem reptilian and would rather have blue or brown eyes.
"Look at that pretty snake! Those scales, that forked tongue, those green eyes!"
"Yeah, our eyes match."
by asphyx cloud April 25, 2008
The rarest eye color out of the blue,green,brown trio and by far the most exotic and addicting.
Most people lust after green eyes, and find them to be incredibly beautiful.
Green eyes are compared and rated against blue quite often but the majority usually votes in favor of green since they are the rarest and most gorgeous.
People with green eyes are normally unique and different and secretley admired.
Boy: Damn, she's so beautiful, man

Boy2: It's her green eyes man. I can't stop looking at her.
by Whayasay April 5, 2009