(Acronym) Good game all. Expression of approval at the end of an online FPS, indicating that the game was played in a spirit of fairness, or that it was a close run contest.
Man, we were like 2 seconds away from capturing your flag. GGA.

I'm really glad that spawncamping smacktard didn't ruin things again tonight. GGA.
by morph October 11, 2004
Global Gaming Arena. A Birmingham LAN centre.
by Xplosion August 27, 2003
when something is funny i gga
by M-Dizzle D April 30, 2008
Gun Gale Anus-
A hentai about guns and gales in a anus.
Me- I wanna watch some hentai
Your Mom- No, we must GGA (Gun Gale Anus)
by Big Dick GGA July 5, 2018
Good girls anonymous sponsor. The girl you text when you need a girlfriend to convince you not to go to a guy's house that is a total jerk.
OMG. I need my GGAS. John just text me to come over.
by popmollienotthedrug December 13, 2014
Abbreviation for Gon's Gaping Asshole.

Gon is the main protagonist from the series Hunter x Hunter.
Gon's Gaping Asshole is a common term within the Hunter x Hunter community, or as I like to call it, the hunties.
"Man, would I like to be inside GGA right now!"
"GGA is so sick, no wonder his parents died."
"Shoot brother, not tonight, I left my edibles in GGA!"
by bugjeans April 18, 2020