Amelia is absolutely gorgeous with a stunning body. She will light up the room whenever she walks in with the most beautiful smile in the whole world. If you do wrong she will lash out at you especially if you say something mean to her, her family, or her friends. She can be lovely but when she gets angry it’s the scariest shit ever. She is a very reliable person and will keep promises, but she will also tell lies. She likes guys to make the first move. Although, at times, she can be a huge flirt. Often heads will turn when she walks in the room. However, she really isn't that into dating unless she likes you a lot , so it would be difficult for her to accept you on a date. You would be really lucky if you had a friend/girlfriend like her. All in All, she is an amazing girl, just don't get on her bad side.
Person 1: Hey, why is Amelia being so mean to that girl?

Person 2: They messed with her best friend, now they're really gonna it.

Person 1: *whistles* I wouldn't want to be them.

Person 2: *laughs* No one would.

Boy: i think i like amelia

2nd boy: no shit, how could you not?! Shes perfect.

Ben: OMG!! Who is that, she's fit!!!

Jack: Oh! That's Amelia, good luck with getting her
by Peter2134 March 6, 2019
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A gorgeous gorgeous girl. Shes got brown hair, and gorgeous brown eyes with a perfect shape to them. Her lips usually have got a nice shape to them. Shes thin, and medium height, with a really nice body. Shes not the most curvy, but she definitely still has some. Shes crazily funny, on another level for that matter, she lights up a room the second someone walks in, shes one of the best friends you could ever ask for. She'll be there for you, support you, but tell you when you're wrong. Shes extremely honest and isnt afraid to share her opinion on something whatsoever. She seems super easy-going and fun, but shes also very responsible. She has many guys after her, which makes it quite the big deal when she chooses one she'd enjoy being with. She becomes very cold-hearted once you're on her bad side though.
Boy: "Who's that lovely looking girl over there?"

His friend: "oh, that's Amelia. Theres not point in trying, you'd never have a chance."
by LamoSknowWhereItsAt August 21, 2019
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An Amelia is a mix of attentiveness, attractiveness, intelligence and introverted. Amelia is also a very good advice-giver and will blow you away, if you have an Amelia in your life you are very lucky.
Amelia is so smart and caring!
by Fugryidrh December 14, 2019
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Amelia is a kind Caring girl who always goes out of her way to help people. She is very smart and studious. She loves to read and write story’s. She is very creative and talented with a voice as smooth as honey. Amelia has two personalities one for in class when she is very shy and quiet but studious. And another for when she is with friends when she can be very loud and crazy. Amelia is a very loyal and kind friend who will never judge you. She would never want to hurt someone’s feelings. She try’s her best to keep everyone around her happy forgetting about her own happiness. You can trust Amelia with your life. Amelia is an old soul who special and one of a kind. Amelia’s biggest fear is being alone or getting dumped by a friend. That’s why she struggles to trust people. If you EVER find a friend like her stay close to her and never leave her!
“Amelia is so kind

“Amelia is so creative
“Amelia is so smart
by someone/me/myself/idk May 3, 2019
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Amelia is pretty nice. She always answers with a smile and for some reason just seems to make friends with everybody really quick. She drinks tea, and when she does she holds her cup like a queen and pretends that is what she is. Honestly, it's scary how quick she can gain someone's trust.
X: i really trust that girl
Y: her name is amelia
by reilei February 16, 2019
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The most lovable, funny, kind, smart, genuine person you will ever meet. She usually has gorgeous brown blonde hair and the most stunning blue eyes. If you have an Amelia in your life, never let her go as it will be the biggest mistake of your life! She is probably one of the worlds most stunning females you have ever seen. If you have an Amelia as your girlfriend your one lucky guy! She is usually amazing at sports and will try her hardest at everything. She can appear quite shy at first but once you get to know her she never shuts up. She’s a lovely kind hearted person- just don’t get on her bad side or there’s a chance she’ll probably murder you.
Boy: I really like Amelia
Friend: Who doesn’t! She’s flipping gorgeous
by Egjcsjkve October 15, 2018
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The most beautiful and amazing girl you'll ever meet. Shes fun and will make you feel amazing but run if you piss her off. She might have low self-esteem but was all know her smile can light up a room.
Amelia is so pretty
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