The term is usually referring to a stolen car but, in some cases the car belongs to a baser who gave it up for some drugs.
"Bruh how the fuck we gone get to the party?"

"Dawg I got a splat that we can take out there."
by Hood Nigga October 22, 2007
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The noise that something squashy makes when it hits a hard surface. In UK comics, when this happens, you will usually see the word in capitals coming out of the interaction between hard surface and the squashy material. Excellent example of onomatopoeia.
Suitable materials for making the SPALT sound are things like tomatoes, mashed potato, custard pies and squelchy mud.
Look in UK comics like the Beano and Dandy for examples.
The custard pie hit the boys face:- SPLAT!
by Ken Holway October 2, 2007
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when one falls and lands alone- usually on pavement or concrete.
"Did you hear about the office worker who commited suicide friday? Yeh,,he just it the ground like splat!"
by JesterMonkey June 1, 2004
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an asterisk. Used by UK computer people. Because it looks like something squashy, like mashed potato, that has hit a wall in a comic (like the Beano) accompanied by the word SPLAT!
IT help desk. 'Hit the splat key'
by Ken Holway October 2, 2007
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An exclamatory term used to describe the sound a penis could possibly make if penetrating a big, fat, moist, and delicious booty hole.
by corn master October 3, 2002
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Used in place of the @ symbol so web spiders dont catch your email address. Any spelling of your email is helpful in this matter. Basically, youre ridding yourself (not totally, of course) of spam and junk emails.
"My email is"
"Reply at ______(SPLAT)hotmaildotcom"
by A. Ragman May 10, 2005
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