a private school in los angleles, that is saldy more know for there hippy past rather then academics. yes it true oakwood had a smoking section in the 70's but it is a totally different school now. Unlike harvard westlake, there has never been a drug problem on campus. Oakwood is a wonderful school were kids are encouraged to be themselves and express their feelings and thoughts. There are obviously druggies at the school but we have never had a situation of drugs found in a locker or cheating on test. Oakwood does have alot of extremely wealthy kids/families but Oakwood makes sure that the students arent sheltered from the real world. there are many celebrities parents and Oakwood is very "hollywood". Oakwood is a wonderful school and not to mention we get into all of the Ivy's and top colleges too.
Do you go to oakwood

yah it is really hard but i love it there

oh cool!

yah its the best school, and im going to Brown!
by ilovecollege12 April 14, 2010
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A great school in Hollywood. It has a *FALSE* reputation for being a hippie, drug addict sanctuary. Oakwood hasn't had a single drug related issue in decades. Many filthy rich/celeb kids attend the school, which gives it a bit of a "stuck up" reputation. However, Oakwood has many volunteer opportunities as well as many community service options. This is a wildly accepting school, with a diverse community (whether it be race, sexual orientation, etc...) a safe haven with great kids and faculty alike :)
"my school is so diverse & accepting!"


by lilybby February 25, 2015
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Oakwood is as discribed by Martini, But, I attend Oakwood, and it is also a really good acidemic school with no sports, jappy girls, annoying pricks that want to be mexican for some reason. A whole bunch of fucked up teachers.... Oh man I hate this school
-Hey look, Oakwood is loosing again.
-WHOA THAT GIRL IS A BITCH.. where does she go? Oh right, Oakwood.
-Yeah essay... Jordan ur not Mexican.
-Hey look kids, I tried to kill myself and now im a drug addict.
-Kids, do 300 pages of reading and write me an essay, you have 10 minutes, begin...
by Attendie November 29, 2004
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A school in Studio City
were it's not unusual to see a joint in someone's locker.

Kids there care more about smoking weed than anything else.
And if anyone gets kicked out, their parents can just pay their way back in.
"hey i went to this party last night, there was so much weed"
"was it an oakwood party?"
by loverlyone January 30, 2008
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Some people view Oakwood negatively, they say we are a school full of ugly girls and hippies. People say that our school sucks, that we dont learn anything and are too busy doing drugs. Sadly enough this is all true. Oakwood does suck, it blows my huge gaping asshole. It is void of any intelligent life outside of this years senior class. It hurts me, it pains me to say I attend this school. Let me warn anyone interested in coming here, to stay far away. Let me also give a shoutout to Ellen Peters, our wonderful drunk dean. Three headed monster. Also let me add a big hello to mario. I hope he dies and someone steals his jacket off his corpse. I LOVE SUSPENSION
"dude getting your balls chopped off sucks"
"yeah but not as much as going to oakwood"

Id rather have someone take a large dump on my face for 6 days than go to oakwood

i feel bad for anyone cool who goes to oakwood ( like micah davis)

Would you rather...

Eat out ellen peters
go to oakwood

unfortunately for oakwood students we are forced to do both every day when we are on campus
by Micah February 18, 2005
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Also known as Cokeweed. A hippie-dippy private school in Los Angeles where students are more inclined to doing drugs than schoolwork.

See coke and weed.
Hey man, do you want to stop by that Oakwood party? I heard there's going to be a table full of weed!
by Martini Shaker November 15, 2004
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A school where all of the "hot" girls are actually ugly. And really JAP-y.
Damn, did you see those Oakwood sluts? They ugly. I'ma go check out those Harvard-Westlake chicks...now those are some fine ass girls.
by Gumby December 3, 2004
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