1. what teachers think you should do to get smarter even though you will be working at a Mcdonalds your whole life so why do it

2. What to do to get a good job
Women: Do your School work

Student: But I already work at Mcdonalds!
by ZackDidall his homework April 03, 2019
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Schoolwork is a waste of time I don’t get why we do it like we didn’t learn how to speak english by sitting in a room for a hour or more weighting on a paper no we picked it up from our parents als teachers give out Hw that is basically extending school like why????
Oh mr Walters gave out a test said Jeff

Jake said more schoolwork are you kidding
Jeff said no
Jeff said I failed cause me Walters caught me dropping a pencil
by Back me meme November 11, 2019
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Although this started out as an inside joke on my part, this term is a saying for marijuana. It works on many occasions if you don't want people to find out. (obviously)
"Yo, Phil! I got some school work, wanna come help me with it?"
"That sounds cool, Fred. I wanna help you with that school work."
by Michalangelo November 12, 2007
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