A fun game where a person is giving two scenarious, usually humiliating, and is forced to choose one.
Hey budrick, would you rather have your parents walk in on you masturbating to their wedding photos or would you rather have the whole football team blow their load on your naked body in the locker room?
by Cee Dub December 21, 2003
A game where you are given a choice between two embarassing scenarios and you have to choose one.
Would you rather have a threesome with your parents and nobody find out?


Not have a threesome with your parents and have everybody think you did?
by markwonder November 16, 2010
Would you Rather is a choice game were you have to choose between two+ options and you *HAVE* to pick at least one.
Written by; Owen - basball1000
Would you rather be President of the United States or be the richest man alive in the U.S?
Comment down below you answer.
by basball1000 May 11, 2018
A game where you are given two options one of which you MUST choose.
Many options at www.wouldyourather.co.uk
Would your rather shit out a monster truck or shit out mr. bush?
by Geoff March 4, 2004
game in which you ask difficult questions to find out about someones traits.
would you rather? punch a baby or spray paint a bum?


on an island...

mel gipson, tom cruz or my dad?
by TG&CI November 25, 2007
A game where the the players must choose between two difficult options, and explain their reasoning for why they chose their option.
Would you rather have unlimited bacon, but no more games, or games, unlimited games, but no more games?
by JoshiePoo69420 November 27, 2021
The ultimate and supreme game leader of Would You Rather. Once named Czar you can only be usurped of power if someone else challenges you with a would you rather you cannot answer. This power is akin to that of the Never Have I Ever Chancellor and wields the same power across games. With this power you have the control to change the conditions of would you rather up to 10 times in a single round.
I challenged Zedekiah's Would You Rather Czar reign with the unanswerable would you rather of: Would you rather eat Whataburger for the rest of your life OR In-n-Out? I am now the reigning Would You Rather Czar.
by itsnotstroganoff May 22, 2019