what pretty much every kid in America thinks

oh and to the other person who posted a definition - their is no treatment for aids and not all drop outs live on the street.
school sucks.
by chris-182 January 19, 2009
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why wouldnt it
school sucks
by peenis is funny April 20, 2021
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What litte goofy wannabes shout and write on their notebooks. If school sucks, then drop out. It that simple. you know what else sucks? Getting AIDS from a homeless guy when your living on the streets! Know what sucks even more? Not having the cash to pay for the treatment when your withering in an alley!
The little child wished he hadnt said school sucks just as the large, unwanted dick plunged into his ass.
by da hood' January 3, 2005
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schools sucks because KIM JONG-UN took over the schooling systems of the world to dumb us HUMANS so that we cant defend our self's. kim jong-un said "we are going to launch an invasion into new Zealand because we want to fuck sheep
Son: mum why does school suck massive hairy cock???
mum: because kim jong-un said so
by AssLicker8497 May 27, 2019
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Your probably in school right now, or having a mental breakdown about math so you googled this and this thing came up, so congrats school does fucking suck
bro i hate this math teacher
i know school fucking sucks
by heyyallllllllll April 8, 2021
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