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When the receiver of a golden shower vomits the urine into the showerer's mouth.
Aw, thank you James. I'd be rude if I didn't offer you a bit of the ol' Canadian Browncoat. Would you be interested, James?
by Micah November 30, 2006
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Feces that accumulates accidentally during defecation inside the back lower area (of which is hanging directly in the logpath) of a comfortable, usually oversized sweater.
Man! I should have taken off that wooly wonder before I decided to pinch a loaf! I have about a pound of sweaturds stuck back there!
by Micah January 13, 2011
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The process in which one takes something that works well and inhibits its basic abilities by adding inferior components while removing necessary ones.
That deck has been Micah-sized. See, The Phage
by Micah April 6, 2004
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A response to someone who never fails to find an excuse as to why something cannot be done.
Employee: "I'm waiting for IT to call me, my printer is broken. That's why I didn't print my report".

Manager: "We have more than one printer. If the toilet's broken, shit outside."
by Micah June 17, 2010
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ggggg unit
i wish i was a part of g unit
Then I could say gggggg unit
I wish I could be like gunit
then I could say gggggg unit
I listen to gunit
I like gunit
I am gunit
This is how we do
by Micah February 18, 2005
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Describes the period in which a female menstruates.
I can't go in the bumper boats, I have a bad case of the maroon poon.
by Micah August 24, 2006
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