to have an abundance of money and wealth

being more than just rich
"Your grandfather has a gigantic mansion, a mercedes-benz, and a pool. He sure is rich"

"Watch you talking about, wangsta. My grandfather ain't rich, he's FILTHY RICH.
by cnl balla April 13, 2005
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The act of taking your scrotum and pulling the skin to form the shape of a small cup and having someone else take a shot of alcohol out of it
by MrH@nkey January 27, 2021
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So I caught a bit of a conversation today at the gym between a maybe mid 40's guy and his personal trainer. It was about what color his new lambo should be.

Can't be white because my other Lambo that I keep in Vegas (must have a house in vegas - who doesn't right?) is white. And red is right out. That's a Ferrari color. And my ferrari is red. Maybe orange or lime green. Hey - do they make it in silver, that's a nice color.

Filthy Rich Problems...
by JasonS5555 November 6, 2019
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Great tv show... funny as... cos Rik Mayall is in it... ha, ha... punk.. is hot so fuck off diva, wanna bes...
by nod_the_sleepy_frog>('_')< April 21, 2005
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