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A legal business entity that:
- begs for its income like a well-dressed pan-handler,

- and ensures it spends most of that income on executive pay, and advertising to get more income,

- then spends most of the rest on services run by friends of the executives,

- and gives a pittance on most of the employees that keep them operating.
Typically they don't solve the problem they are raising funds for.
Most of the profit in the healthcare isn't in the hospitals, it's in the non-profit entities.
That Susan G Komen For the Cure spent 60% on advertising and payroll, but only 5% on treating cancer; I guess she's a non non-profit.
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by WNYmathGuy April 15, 2017
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not for monetary gain...but for public service. However, does allocate small funds (through fundraising) to help worthwhile causes. Does not exlude members of the public.
The student sold magazines, to allocate funds for their non-profit school.

Some people create certain non-profit 'labels' to promote awareness for worthwhile causes, that benefit society as a whole.
by Alaphabet Soup October 22, 2007
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An organization that uses surplus funds to achieve its goals, rather than to pay dividends to shareholders. Designated under US Internal Revenue Code 501(c).
Bones: Excuse me, your gang can't fund the lobby for legalizing crystal meth.

T-Jam: On the contrary, Bones, we classify as a 501(c) nonprofit advocacy organization. We can fund whatever we wish provided we don't kick out dividends to investors.

Bones: Word to your mother. Lets go cut someone.
by Old Ebbit December 11, 2011
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An attractive woman that has blonde hair and is very unintelligent.
She tried for hours to figure out why the Christmas lights weren't turning on, only to find out that she never plugged them in; when she told this story all of her friends called her non-profits for weeks!
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by RCONN28 November 29, 2016
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