In League of Legends, spamming QWE and the right mouse button on an enemy. Commonly used technique for Skarner, Shyvana, and Xin Zhao.
I raped this Ashe with Skarner by charging in recklessly and playing the piano.
by Nimblest July 27, 2012
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To finger a female which such skill and technique it rivals that of pianos players.
Tod: dude i fingered that girl so good it was like i was playing the piano.
by BigSenor August 18, 2011
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1. To take certain drugs. (YT: Emelody - Piano)
White keys - Cocaine (Coke)
Black keys - Heroin (Buj)

2. To finger a girl real fast like a pianist.

3. To finger two girls simultaneously which look like someone's playing the piano.
1. I was in the traphouse playing the piano
2. Last night, I played the piano like a boss.
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