Verb - 1. The act of giving support (financial or otherwise) to an entity and then taking away that support only to return it after the public rebukes your idiocy.

For this to be a true "komen" the giver must be full of shit at all times.

2. When an Indian giver gives a gift of giving and grabs the giving gift back, only to give the giving gift back because the tribe said no wai.
Dude, he was totally Komening you when you brought up the cirwin thing.

That chick Jenna was totally Komening until the party goers shoved her face in a blender and made her say the alphabet backwards...twice
by givingover9000gifts February 4, 2012
verb To direct righteous indignation at a nonprofit that does something that offends you in some way, most specifically used to target the charity's donors in an attempt to cut off its funding sources as punishment for the transgression. First usage occurred in February 2012 when the Susan G. Komen Foundation's fundraising was annihilated for its decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood grants.
"I'm so angry with the local arts foundation for not funding my friend Terri's nude photography exhibit that all our friends decided to komenize that foundation and start a campaign to drive away all their donors as punishment".

"If you don't like what a charity's doing, you need to komenize those people so that they don't have any more funding".
by Warren8979 February 4, 2012