Being affiliated with a gang.
Vice Lord: Are you plugged?
BGD: Yeah, I'm plugged!
Vice Lord: Where bout? (Meaning, Where are you from?, What set are you claiming? or What nation are you riding with?
BGD: I'm 2-7-4!

They fight.
by Khaldun Everage December 28, 2006
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Glasgow slang for stabbing someone, mainly used by neds
Aye man i just whipped oot ma lockback and plugged him 5 times in the stomach
by ifureadthisyourgay October 13, 2007
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To get hooked up.
Lets say you go buy a bag of weed and its really phat, then its plugged
by Hannah January 24, 2004
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In the Uk one might use the word plugged either to explain someone else's actions or after physically stabbing someone themself with a sharp object such as a knife or broken bottle.

Another term used for plugged is of a sexual nature when a male has sexual intercourse with another person male or female usually anally also can include the use of sex toys either on there own or with another person of either sex such as a dildo or butt plug.
James bragged to his m8's about how he plugged (Stabbed) some guy down at the local boozer last night for chatting up his burd (girl friend)

John told his mates that sally was a right little dirty that she sucked his cock fingered her self and afterwards he plugged her arse with a huge dildo
by Mick210 September 4, 2007
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To have your asshole reamed full with a cock, fist, gerbil, dildo.
"My ass is sore after a good quality plugging, but after squeling like a pig, it sure feels like all that is holy."
by Bart June 5, 2003
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a psychoactive effect caused by excessive video games; to be "drunk" off video games; or in a way that renders you unable to do certain tasks; such as sleeping and thinking straight.
Jon got plugged last night because he played halo 2 for 17 hours.
by Anomyous October 6, 2007
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The Plug is a term used to describe someone who is a resource for obtaining something valuable that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.
"Just got some free Travis Scott tix from the plug at Live tryna go?"
by BulFromUptownPhilly January 13, 2016
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