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Child Protective Services. The CPS investigates reports (true or otherwise) of abuse or neglect of children.
My mother in law actually had the nerve to send a false report in and the CPS came and almost had my kids taken away. That f*cking woman just won't quit!
by AProg December 08, 2010
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"crusty pleasure sock" That nasty old tube sock you mop up your wank-jizza know the one.
Fuck! I forgot to peel my cps off the bathroom floor.
by shyjason August 13, 2005
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a.k.a. chronic playing sydrom mostly seen in cases of an extreme band geek.
While someone is talking you subconciously finger the notes to any sont inside of you're head or on the piece of paper without realizing you are doing so or continue to play the whole song after the cut off is made by the conductor.
by knight behind the helm February 01, 2005
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Company Paid Shit - When you need to pass some time at work, take a shit and pass the time all while getting paid.
Where did Kacey go? She's not in her office.
She went to go take a CPS, I can smell it from downstairs.
by qpalzmtea June 07, 2010
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