Child Protective Services. The CPS investigates reports (true or otherwise) of abuse or neglect of children.
My mother in law actually had the nerve to send a false report in and the CPS came and almost had my kids taken away. That f*cking woman just won't quit!
by AProg December 9, 2010
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CPS as in clicks per second, all it is really is clicking as fast as possible to gain an advantage in games such as Minecraft, Idle games including (Cookie clicker, transport defender etc.) You can tend to find websites allowing you to see your scores on clicking speeds and alot of minecraft youtubers that PvP tend to think cps is key.
Woah I reached 10CPS!
by robloxhackerman69 February 17, 2019
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(Random gamer): "Gotta go check on the kids in my basement before they call CPS"
*Random Gamer has disconnected*
by Backward-Drawback January 28, 2021
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Clown Point System.

A point system that calculates how much of a clown someone is
Person 1: **Does something stupid

Person 2: That’s 25 clown points for the CPS!
by niteflyer March 12, 2020
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CPS (aka Cold Penis Special) is when a man covers ones penis in water and puts it in the freezer, once frozen the male must have intercourse with a frozen penis.
tyler:i served up the good ol' CPS to brittany last night
by man who indulges in balls December 14, 2021
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CPS (Confused Penis Syndrome) - Akwardly arousing situations may cause a CPS.
The following examples might cause a CPS
1. Seeing yourself with the change sex filter
2. 70 year old nip slip
3. Lola Bunny
3. Kim Possible
by BoiMich69 February 21, 2022
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CPS means clicks per second.To find out your cps, click on right-click as fast as you can whit a timer and stop around 60 second and 10 seconds . count how many times you clicked whit a test for cps. For example in 10 seconds I get 130 CPS it means I got 13.0 CPS.
Dude, I just got 15.4 CPS!
by CakeDaLord April 9, 2018
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