When your too lazy to get a job to pay of your student loan or stand on a corner begging for money, so you set up a fundraising site instead.
How are you going to set up a fundraising page, when you don’t even have a job?
by Adulting hard January 21, 2018
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What governments do to get more money.
September 11 could have been an Fundraiser for Bush, and an excuse to invade Iraq.
by LightningNinja2 October 8, 2008
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A person who goes above and beyond and raises much more money when doing a fundraiser.
Andrew: "Wow, David sold a lot of Popcorn for the troop."
Chris:"What a fundraiser"
Andrew:"I know, he raised 400 dollars while second place only raised 20.
by SOOPa January 10, 2010
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The act of putting a joint in the bowl of a pipe. then lighting the joint ans smoking it through the pipe.
James "dude im tired of smoking normal weed out of normal bowls"

Tom "lets roll a joint and try a fundraiser"
by jebadydoda September 8, 2011
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Fundraisers are a common thing that happen where there's a sudden need for certain material goods but also a lack of funds needed to acquire said goods.
Of course I was going to answer sweetie, I was eating breakfast, fueling up for a productive day. Not very relatable I know! You should teach me a thing or 2 about fundraisers i'm sure you know a thing or two about raising funds. I mean, these gucci bags don't pay for themselves.
by _whoam_i July 4, 2020
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Really annoying telemarketers that are exempt from National Do Not Call Lists who call asking for donations for really good sounding organizations and programs yet only a very small percentage of the donated funds go to those programs
"do you make commissions off of what I donate?"

"No ma'am, I'm a professional fundraiser and I do not make commissions. I get paid the same hourly wage whether you donate or not."
by AudiPrincess February 9, 2018
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A feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted from constant exposure to social media posts asking for donations. While the individual suffering from this condition may not be financially stable enough themselves to give their money away, an overexposure to conflict, suffering, and humanitarian tragedies will inflict a feeling of guilt for not being able to help.
"I donated my last $20 to Scott's fundraiser last weekend, but ever since then, some of my favourite influencers asked me to give money to like 10 other charities. I really can't afford anything at the moment, but seeing all this suffering in the world really wears me out and makes me feel so guilty for not doing enough. I think I'm suffering from fundraiser fatigue."
by wolfgang_antweiler August 21, 2020
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