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Lydia is an attractive maiden who is usually very funny. Her eyes are the most beautiful things, but beware of her death stare. Lydia's hair is always silky and she has a great personality. She is brave especially when others are not, strong and capable of handling herself, she can show a kindness you can't imagine and is that little bit wild. Lydia tends to have a wise, deep connection with wildlife. She is naturally good with animals and understanding people. Her senses are usually very strong as well as her instincts, if you were lost in the wild she's your girl! She always makes jokes and lightens the mood. But she is free spirited and hard to catch! Just like the wind, she blow into your life and sweep you off your feet then be gone in an instant. She's loyal and protects her friends and those around her. Lydia has a love of reading, she will spend hours reading, all day if she could. She likes magic and will always have a fun, childlike side to her. Many a time will she run the heads of passing men or boys.
by Grover Underwood September 23, 2017
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Lydia is your obsession. Once you know about Lydia you will be obsessed with her. No need to even meet her. Just knowing about her and her unique, unreplicable personality will make you want to be at least slightly like her. No can do, sorry for you. This is why Lydia is and will continue to be your obsession. Loved by many or disliked by fakers like you. Your boyfriend wants her. Your girlfriends want to imitate her but no-one has a slight notion of how to be even similar to her because it takes so much. Brains, beauty, sexiness, intelligence, a great sense of humor, a heart of gold, an infinite love, wisdom, class, humbleness, goodness, etc. An absolute goddess made by god. Impossible to you regular thing. What's left? To be obsessed with her. Did I mention she's an empath? She has God's given powers to read you like an open book without even talking to you at all. Magical like the universe! ๐ŸŒŸ She's the universe's daugther. Unattainable by hateful beings such as some.

Jo: how did Lydia know what I was thinking and feeling when I never said anything to her?

Formiga: Didn't you know? Lydia is a physical empath. She's been given this power by the creator self.
Chlorina: Lydia is in my head 24/7 and idk why I can't stop thinking about her
Jules: Maybe because you wish you could be like her. You must be realistic Chlorina. No way no how.
Chlorina: Lydia is in my head 24/7 and idk why I can't stop thinking about her
Jules: Maybe because you wish you could be like her. You must be realistic Chlorina. No way no how.
by jrmb June 23, 2019
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A person who is awesome at life. This person is never a failure, and is the most attractive person in the world. If you happen to know a Lydia, then consider yourself lucky. Anyone who has met a Lydia will tell you that this person is truly perfect.
Why cant I be more like Lydia!
by dacowgoesmoo May 26, 2012
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a sometimes hyper girl who is naturally weird in a good ways and likes to be weird and sometimes likes to creep or scare people.lydia is also kinda corky.and has interesting friends.does not follow trends or fads.
omg lydia is like so totally weird but I still like her.
by awesome person123 October 02, 2012
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She is beautiful, nice, kind, placid and loving. She has her moments when she can have a bad temper. She is one of a kind, you wouldn't find a girl like her. Fun, sexy, eccentric girl who laughs at her own jokes. She is literally a sex goddess, a master in the bedroom. However, she ikes to think she's shy, but actually is outgoing and loud. Creative. If you don't know a Lydia then your missing out.
<3 . !
Don't miss out on the BEST !!!!!! Cause she must be a Lydia !
by laura.... October 19, 2012
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the best person in the world to ever exist. She is funny, sexy, smart and kind. Everyone wants to be a little more like her.
I want to be just like a Lydia! Damn, look at that girl!
by The Person123456789 August 31, 2010
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