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Synonym for racial slur nigger. Derived from nigger, leading to nignog, leading to noggins, and shortened to nogs.
I'm playing basketball with a bunch of nogs today.
by nogginmike January 13, 2008
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A group of black people shuckin and jivin on a street corner.
Those nogs across the street just got uppity when I wouldn't give them a quarter.
by Bernardho January 12, 2008
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1) a derogative term for an African American, originating in Schenectady NY. Short for "Nig nog".

2) Jeff's race horse
Sam: "Who robbed you last night?"
Stever: "I dunno, some fucking Nog."
by kraka January 19, 2005
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Use as an emote, this is an intensification of "nod", denoting more emphatic agreement. Originated with PvP MUDs.
dethsord: hey u wanna gank this noob w/me?
sephiroth7281: nog
by chaos5023 June 17, 2011
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1. n. semen

2. v. to cause semen to be ejaculated, e.g. by masturbation of the penis.

3. v. to ejaculate semen onto or into a person.
Nog me, daddy. You know what it means.
by Hal Jackson May 09, 2006
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