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1.The strange spirit who has a mouth half way down his cloak, and a white mask, when of which he is happy, the mask smiles, when he is sad, it frowns. He is from the anime/movie "Spirited Away"

2. A character from "Spirited Away" who is hard to find decent pictures of on google.

3. The English way of saying Kaonashi
Chihiro: "You must be cold out in the rain sir, ill leave the door open for you."

No Face: "..."
by K-Project2007 November 10, 2006
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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No Face was a German politician who was the leader of the German Nazi party. He became Chancellor of Germany in 2005 and became dictator of Germany in 2007. He called himself Führer of the German Empire. He ruled until late 2008 when he went missing; the search for No-Face continues to this day.
Look at someone else. Look at their eyes, their nose, their mouth, their bone structure - now take that away. That's what No Face looks like.
by bringbacknoface April 22, 2009
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A cold way to describe someone who is so boring that they don't leave any impression on you. Hence you don't know who they are even when you have met them repeatedly.
Who was that noface at your party last night?
Come on mate that was Gina, you've met her plenty of times before.
by Stu & Sez April 27, 2007
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A gun with it's serial number filed off, typically stolen. This is done to prevent it being traced back to other crimes or it's original owner.
That gun has no face. It will be harder for it to be traced!
by Demitrious Octavion August 04, 2016
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A person on any social networking site that does not have a 'real' picture
person 1: "Dude why the hell did you a noface on your account? all the person has is a dog humping a cat!"

person 2: "oh thats my sisters account shes really lazy and never gets her ass up to take a damn picture and add it!!"
by snakeeaterfan July 10, 2008
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When you know that bitch is ugly
That noface whore looks real ugly, wonder why she has no face... didn't know there were that many bones... oh a booger
by giantthings December 16, 2014
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