A nite where the bride to be and her favorite ladies, dress up, and go out for one last night on the toswn to be wild and crazy before marriage. Normally lots of liquor and drugs are involved with a nice spa day in the morning in their 5 star hotel.
Theres no such thing as cheating during a bachelorette party.
by Budderfly March 19, 2016
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Man 1: “OMG, that bitch is coming over to brag about his “straight” boyfriend”.

Man 2: “I can’t stand that slut. Internalized homophobia’’s wiki has his name under the “see other” in MLA the references”

Man 3: “So my man wants to chill but only if it’s gay_”

Man 2: “You can get to stepping. You’re bringing a bachelorette party to a gay bar and you are not coming here and playing Gold Star Queen!!

Man 1: “Bye!!!”
by 467877fdfg March 29, 2018
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