When a girl says she's not your type but deep down she likes you

Like an emo on outside
Steve"what type are you"

Girl"a type"
by That1kidonxbox March 14, 2018
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Like a driveby, but on internet message boards. Usually occurs when a noob makes a mistake and the rest of the board jumps all over them with insults, etc.
Wow, did you hear about SaucyJoe477? He got hit by a major type-by yesterday. All kinds of teh insults were thrown at him. What a lamez0r!!!11one!

No, I did not hear about that. How odd, yet interesting.

Yes, I agree, but only somewhat.
by Bob Gunderson November 09, 2005
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Something a lot of people who use the internet can't do.
Tihs is tghe wsya a lto fo poepelk typwe.
by shafticus December 25, 2004
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When you don't know something or need information, you say "type it in" meaning go to Google and type it in to get results. Because we all know google is the answer to everything.
"Is there really a clown college?"
"Type it in"
by Krys Baietto August 23, 2006
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A description of someone who does anything because they don't have a preference. Whether it be about a person, a genre, a movie, etc.
Person 1: What type of music do you like?
Person 2: Oh I'm a no type kind of person
by esha13 March 25, 2018
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Contrary to most UD definitions of 'type' - TYPE used in a sentence is more like a substitute for 'kind of'/'kinda'.

Though it can mean 'a lot' and be replaced by 'mad', it's more used when meaning 'kind of'.
A) "Yo, shorty looking type good"

B) "His party was type crazy, like - mad heads in there."

in both instances, type can easily be replaced by 'kinda'.
by aviators March 07, 2010
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