to be “thrown for a loop”, or “thrown off.”
The fact that she thought she wasn’t wrong is throwing me!
by emjoyydeeznuts March 2, 2020
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When someone is irritating you or you quite don't understand what their motives are
Her dress is throwing me off
Your attitude is throwing me off bruh
by Big Dog D March 19, 2017
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to lie, to say a lie
Ok, common now, throw me a lie!
by potap December 27, 2010
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A great indie-pop band from Seattle. They don't really have any bad songs. Their best album is by far Creaturesque. Good to listen to if you're feeling down and need something to pick you up.
Dizzy from the Fall is the best song by Throw Me the Statue IMO.
by pseudonym this May 11, 2010
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"give me a break"/ "give me a hint", Give me a chance. Comes from English lexicon refering to a hungry dog wanting help.
From popular series:

- This is probable just a crush.

- You think?

- Absolutely!

- Yeah.. It's a crush! I'm Joey. I don't get deep feelings.

- There you go... Yea, crushes happen all the time. I know. I had them for all you guys. Except for Ross and Chandler. And I'm sure you've had them for us.

- Not really.

- (in a quiet voice) ... throw me a bone here.
by enPupile September 13, 2013
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