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To steal or take something that does not belong to you.
"i didnt have money so i ganked it"
by jude-e December 05, 2001
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gank, v. to kill a monster
In the TV show universe of "Supernatural," demon hunters Sam and Dean Winchester often discuss how, when, and why to gank monsters.

Dean asked, "Sam, are we going to gank the vampires or share our feelings with them?"
by xcarmellax January 12, 2011
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1. To steal or claim something as your own(verb)

2. To defeat, claim victory over, or kill(verb)
1:"Yo man, I straight up ganked this bitch's stereo while she was catchin' a nut!"
"Soon as the pigs look away imma gank they ride man, know what i'm sayin?"

2:"Ay man, gank that motherfucka with that 44. ice cold!"
"Dumb punk mothafucka! Don't fuck with me unless you lookin' to get ganked bitch!"
by Turnpike.20 November 09, 2018
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1. vt. (Am. slang) To steal in a surreptitious or underhanded manner
2. vt. (O.L. slang) To gang up on and frag an opponent in an MPG
3. vt. (Am. H-Hop)Character assassination
1. People always gank my damn lighters!
2. The Blood Brotherhood ganked that PKer hardcore!
3. P-Diddy ain't got no street cred since J-Lo ganked him in Vibe last week.
by impressor May 07, 2003
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When a group of people kill a single opponent in an MMORPG. Taken to abreviate a "gang kill".
by Krolack February 12, 2005
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verb (Online, MMORPG usage)
1. To kill another player using a group of players
2. To kill another player using any means that places the played to be killed at a substantial disadvantage.

Widely popularised following the success of World of Warcraft, the word "gank" comes from "gang kill", used in earlier MMORPGs like Ultima Online. A gang kill occurs when a group (or gang) of players attack a single one and kill him/her with relative ease.

The meaning has now extended to any player kill where the killed player had little chance to avoid death.
"I was ganked by a level 60 horde"
"You had no chance to avoid that rogue! Ganked!"
by Donal July 31, 2006
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To take something for free, either with or without someone's permission.
Hey dude, can I gank one of your beers?

-Sure man, go ahead I got plenty.

Who the fuck ganked all my beers?
by Doba July 02, 2004
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