an endearing form of saying "hello" to your significant other....
boy: "hey baby."
girl: "hey u."
by 88 action September 19, 2008
When you don't know somebody's name so you say "hey u!"
"hey u!"
by Nikki Maywell January 17, 2016
Saying to use if u do not know somomes name.
1P:Hey u with the face
2P:Are u talking to me?
1P:sorry, didn't know your name.
by SunnySunny:) October 24, 2007
if a friend says "hey u guys can have some" candy, it means u can have it all
by Anonymous August 2, 2003
A line that only pedos use to get you in their rape van for sexy children time.
hey bud u got 25 cents
by XxUrMomGayNoUxX April 9, 2018
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