1) To use a very large excess of a reagent. To bomb it. 2) To fill all one's cyclic structures with colors.


10 equivalents
"Hey how much MnO2 should I use?"
"2 or 3 Nicolaous should do it."

"Hey what's with that structure? It's full of strange colors!"
"Oh, I Nicolaoued it."

"Nothing's happening with my reaction..."
"You should just Nicolaou it."
by really cool chemist April 6, 2009
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Nicolas has a huge cock, and is a fucking god.
Its the legend Nicolas! OMGGGGG
by Nicola$ February 5, 2016
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Nicolas is a wonderful person, full of love, laughs, smiles, muscles and more. He is great looking and pretty damn amazing. He is super nice, but sometimes thinks low of his self (which is not good) he is an amazing boyfriend, with an amazing personality. He is such a loveable person with eyes and smile that can melt your heart. he always find a way to make you happy. And anyone would be lucky to have him in their life!
I love you Nicolas, your a really great friend and boyfriend. Thank you!
by It's Inevitable June 17, 2017
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Nicolae, a.k.a "Nicu" is the coolest person you could ever meet. He is caring, charming, helpful, joyful, funny, sexy and most of all smart. You can be sure that he will help you any time you are in trouble. He will give you solutions to almost every issue you encounter.

If you want an advise, he is the one to go to. If you feel blue, he is the one to cheer you up.

Never underestimate his power of reading people and make sure you never lie to him if you want your friendship to last for ever.

He never looks for trouble but if an exception is present, he will solve the issue as if it never happened.
by tkkarchdevil April 4, 2017
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Nicolas is the best guy in the world. Every chick in the world is in looooove with him. He is athletic, cool, popular, and has an amazing smile. Every time he smiles at you, you can't resists the urge to smile right back. He is smart because he gets good grades. He is skinny because he works out, and he is just plain out awesome.
OMG is that Nicolas!! He is soooooo hot!! 😍
by DemWafflesRYum December 26, 2014
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The most beautiful, funniest, most amazing person you could ever lay your eyes on if you ever are blessed enough to find somebody with this last name then you are one lucky motherfucker and you should worship that person until your last breath. A person with the last name Nicolas is god like and usually has a radiating glow to them that you can't miss. A Nicolas has the power to change your life forever in whichever way they decide. They are the realist motherfuckers to ever exist and will fuck you up if you cross them. But you wouldn't be able to anyways because they are so smart and awesome they would see it coming because they can read minds and shoot laser beams out of their buttholes.
Nicolas (nik-oh-las) That Nicolas over there is so sexy and smart. I bet they're really successful.
by Shaggyyy July 11, 2018
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considered gorgeous by everyone, guys love nicola's, girls are jealous of them. smile alot and know how to make other people smile around them. generous and kind. natural leaders and is quick to decide on matters. their first initive is always right. people see nicola's as an exciting, rather impulsive personality. nicola's are bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything. someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. people enjoy being in their company because of the excitement that radiate. yet she is often talked about, this is only the green eyed monster.
i wish i had legs like nicola.
did you hear that about nicola?
nicola is so hot.
by NiCOLA.xo March 21, 2008
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