Where are you going? Put your penis back in my vagina!
by Vagggggiiinnnaaa November 20, 2013
When a girl sees a hot guy, she doesn't get horny... She gets butterflies in her vagina. This basically means, she would like to sexually engage with this hot guy
I looked up and saw the sexiest guy I've ever seen. He had dark hair, tan, a 6 pack and the greatest smile I have ever seen. I immediately got butterflies in my vagina
by KATED June 11, 2015
A phrase used by usualy an angry woman, usualy to insult.
Hey asshole, Lick My Vagina.
by Carol Cobain May 16, 2008
A good excuse to get out of anything.
Coach: Son, why don't you want to play today?
Player: I would play in the basketball game today coach, but I've had some sand in my vagina thats been troubling me all day.
by Deeez Nuuutz July 5, 2003
Usually used in reference to an unattainable male celebrity, this is a title given to the one person who's every word, action, or look most quickly makes the speaker's vagina wet for their cock (or fingers/tongue/whatever). It is implied that the speaker is (or would like to be) a sub with this person as their Dom in a D/s relationship; as the Pope is the leader of the Catholic church, the speaker would like for this person to be the leader of their vagina.
by triplenope July 23, 2014
Fem. Something so hot, so incredibly orgasmic, that makes smoke come out of your vajayjay (figuratively)
Lily Loveless (Naomi Campbell -- Skins Gen 2) is so HOT she's got me fanning my vagina
by Rocketlenz October 18, 2011
Touching my vagina (ew) lol. the word(s) explain it all, man.
cAn YoU nOt SuCk My VaGiNa It WaS a FuCkInG dUmB aSs JoKe BrUh!
by cow was not the burger February 5, 2021