Short for DOMINANT/submissive. Used mainly in personal ads
by Gavin March 8, 2004
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This is the most shortest definition for dominant/submissive. Often used in fanfiction tags and description.
In the Samifer ship the D/s roles are very likely to change between the two of them. Because both the Devil and the hunter can be equally hot as doms and subs.
by SeekingForLove July 6, 2016
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"Black Rose, a nonprofit group for practitioners of dominance and submission"
by Morder August 27, 2003
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To double swipe with a friend, this is when you enter the subway using one metro fare and getting in two people.
Yo abdulla, i dont have any money right now, lets D-S.
by Shazaamizer June 25, 2006
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Abbreviation for dead sexy; the hotness level in between very sexy and too sexy.
Daymmm!! That girl Charise is SOO D S!
by Djoli Starr June 21, 2006
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Dinner then Sex
Damn dude i jus had the best D & S at michaels moms house.
by g-rida653 July 17, 2008
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Dude #1: Hey dude, did you see D&S rock Tammany Hall last week?
Dude #2: Yeah they fucking kicked it man!
by bloshhhh September 20, 2009
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