Bus: (crashes)
Person1: That was almost as big a wreck as Amy Schumer‘s career.
by AxolotlGod February 1, 2021
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A animal that steals jokes and is a whale
Guy 1: Bro, i just went to a aquarium!
Guy 2: Cool! What did you see?
Guy 1: Amy Schumer.
by ReadyLife November 18, 2018
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Attacking them with a vile stench, typically coming from below you waist
“Damn, this bitch Amy Schumered me.”
“Shit, Kyle. Veronica is nasty.”
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Literally the most unfunny "comedian" to have ever existed. She is only as popular as she is due to feminist and fatties, who adore her, just because she is a woman and "curvy". She can say literally anything about her epic vagina or the countless sex partners she has had, and the crowd will explode in laughter.
Amy Schumer: "Hey guys, penis in my vagina LMAO"
Crowd: HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *literally dies from laughter and diet coke*
by Barndar October 20, 2016
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A phAt pig. Now the real question is, are you part of her plan to turn every person that is over 400lbs, has been on a full diet of cheese puffs, diet coke, and dick cheese for half there . WELL, I think you are, so you know what's going to happen? No? Well, I SURE FUCKING DO!!! First, it's going to start with every Arby's in the world taking over the nearest fast good joint, then all the grocery stores. Why only use places? Well, it's bc everyone who has ever FUCKING LIVED has eaten at Arby's, and didn't FUCKING LIKE IT!!!! So they are going to make it where everyone has to only eat Arby's FOREVER.
Let's not go to Arby's, Amy Schumer might take over.
by Dylan Peterson April 27, 2020
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Not a comedian as she claims herself.
A clown? yes
Stacey: Hey do you wanna go to the Amy Schumers latest standup comedy show?
Josh: Sorry, I don't see any comedy on her vagina stinking jokes.
by LLLtentasion September 21, 2023
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