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Literally the worst comedian to ever exist. She's so fat, she makes rasputia from norbit look skinny compared to her. her jokes are so unfunny, she make me want to shoot myself. Her movies and show on comedy central are so terrible, it makes teen Titans Go look like a masterpiece. And every time it's her turn to roast someone in the comedy Central roasts, I just change the channel to ESPN. Also, her name is on my death note.
Why does Amy Schumer exist
by Kramerkape September 09, 2018
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A Fat, Ugly, and Unfunny Comedian who has an Obsession with making Jokes about her vagina.
Anyone who enjoys watching Amy Schumers Comedy Deserve to Die a Slow Painful Death. Literally nobody finds her funny.
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by Football_Friend October 15, 2018
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A animal that steals jokes and is a whale
Guy 1: Bro, i just went to a aquarium!
Guy 2: Cool! What did you see?
Guy 1: Amy Schumer.
by ReadyLife November 17, 2018
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Literally the most unfunny "comedian" to have ever existed. She is only as popular as she is due to feminist and fatties, who adore her, just because she is a woman and "curvy". She can say literally anything about her epic vagina or the countless sex partners she has had, and the crowd will explode in laughter.
Amy Schumer: "Hey guys, penis in my vagina LMAO"
Crowd: HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *literally dies from laughter and diet coke*
by Barndar October 20, 2016
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Amy ey-mee - a vial of amyl nitrate.
Schumer shoo-mer - N/A

A verb used to describe when an individual takes or uses without permission, a once famous or still famous individuals form of comedy. Rather then performing the original bit, it is dragged on for way to fucking long, and when it becomes awkward the void is filled with jokes about the individuals fucking barn pussy. Fuck you.

"Some low fucking shit amy dave chapelle hates you"
A simple way to use this in a sentence is. "Did you just AMYSCHUMER?" For example.

Friend 1: "Has anyone ever like.. blacked out.. and been awakeee when they've come out of it?.. it's kind of cool 'cause you're, like..a time traveller?"

Friend2: "did she just fucking AMYSCHUMER's Dave Attell?"

When the person(s) own personal comedy is being dragged on to the point of boredom and disgust. Usually because the jokes are about the person(s) genitalia. Or being ejaculated upon violently.

Friend1: "My boyfriend usually cums in mee... *short pause*.. He usually cums in me but someetimess you wannaa mix it up... Right you gotta have fun. We'll be having seex and then he'll ask my favourite question.. "wwheerree shoouuuld i cuuum." As a comic.. i wanna fuck around and be like IN THIS JAARR. And just like.. *autistic hand gestures*.."

As you can tell just by reading it.. if you made it to the end. It was borring. And just fucking awful..

Im over it.
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Born 1981, NYC(?), Amy Schumer, not to be confused with the other blonde comic Amy on the horizon, Amy Poehler, is a cute but filfthy, and very funny comic on Comedy Central, both on her own no-laugh track-or-live-audience sketch funny show, "Inside Amy Schumer" (GET your mind outta the gutter with that title, even with her type of material, or maybe there really is a sexual orientation) and recurring, appearances on roasts.

Did a comedy CD "Cutting" (don't ask about the reason for the title) and DVD/CD "Mostly Sex Stuff".

Looks somewhat like a Cabbage Patch doll. Is smokin' hot. IS VERY VERY VERY VERY funny.

And soon to appear and get rather wasted at a theatrical cinema screen near you in Judd Apatow's latest (forthcoming as of this,to be released in a week or two as of this writing) "Trainwreck".

ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. And NOT, again, to be confused with the other East Coast Amy with blonde hair and funny humor who works with Tina Fey!
Mostly Sex Stuff is about Amy Schumer making jokes, well, about mostly sex!
by ESSJAY August 03, 2015
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