"Put, It's the verbal Planking"

Put: is a growing trend where people just say "Put" at random times, places, and in sentences where it doesn't normally belong.

Just like "Planking" It is meant to be confusing and silly. Originally it was used by itself randomly to confuse people, but it can also replace any word in a sentence, it can be a declaration or exclamation, it can even take the place of a curse word.

People will often upload pictures of themselves writing PUT in public places. Video's have emerged of people saying Put in clever places.
Ex: 1 "dude, that chick fell right on her put."

Ex: 2 "put" or "PUT!!!"

Ex: 3 "What the PUT is going on here?"

Ex: 4 "put put put"

Ex: 5

Guy 1: "dude, what are you doing?"

Guy 2: " oh you know, put."
by Warden Walsh November 23, 2011
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To place in a specified location.
by SpaceGhostTheBaninator January 14, 2004
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2. Pronounced "puht" in a sweet southern drawl.
In the Southern US it is slang for pussy.
I love to lick put. In the morning. During the day. And all night long.
by SemiMicron August 15, 2006
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Noun: Slang for a woman's vagina.
Origin: Old traditional cute term used by a parent when referring to thier daughter's vagina.

Now used to refer to all vaginas.

Pronunciation: (pu̇t) Pronounced same as, PUT, as in PUT that away.
Put Put can be used to replace the word "pussy".
That guy banged me so hard my put put hurts.

Hey dude, stop being a put put and ask her out.
I'm going to pile drive that put put well into next week.

She's so hot, I'd dump a gallon in her put put... maybe two.
by Sargent Hulka November 15, 2018
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When someone tells you something that you don't believe and/or feel like it is to good to be true.
Another way to say the saying "put it on something"
"Aye bro i just won 10,000 dollars on a lottery ticket" the response from the person he said that to would be "put it put it"
by Jogonzo March 21, 2018
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to add money into the "collection" for a group smoke session.
You gotta put in a few bucks to toke up, we've got plenty to go around though don't worry..
by TFS February 20, 2005
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