the head of the catholic church who is usually considered to be extra holy, and is known for wearing big funny hats, and riding around waving in a bullet-proof car, a.k.a. the "popemobile".
i think the pope gets much of his authority from wearing big funny looking hats and long golden robes and weird stuff like that.

a catholic friend told me "the pope is dope", and i believe him.
by mike johnston February 10, 2008
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Deceased pope.

Extremely Right wing and conservative (like Hitler, Stalin or Bush).
Believed homosexuality was wrong, and now he's dead. See evolution.
Like a lot of people from an early generation, The Pope found it hard to understand modern sexuality. However he tolerated pedophilia from his priests in his church for decades. In life, many schools of thought believed that this twisted hypocrisy was intolerable. These opinions continue to surface after his passing.
by Information Kiosk #42 April 05, 2005
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A Person getting killed in EVE Online by a Member of the "Sixth Empire" (6E) Alliance.

Blessing a Person in the Name of the Space Pope through actions of the Pope himself or another Member of Sixth Empire.
Known as

"spreading Love with/by Lasers"


"receiving Love with/by Lasers".

A successful blessing (poping) results in the complete destruction of the poped Pilots Ship and/or Pod.
- He was poped by that 6E Pilot.
- Poped you, Mike Foxtrot!
by Lance Taggart April 07, 2021
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Said right after mentioning something that could be attributed as being paedophilic in nature.
"Aye bruh you want me to pick your two kids up from school no pope doe."
by TheBasedWizard February 22, 2012
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Guy 1: "Bro wanna skip around with interlocked arms?"

Guy 2: "Hell yeah, no fucking pope!"

"No Pope"
by NoPope May 16, 2013
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