the part of a joke that makes everyone laugh or delivers the "punch"
"Oh man, the punchline of that joke made me piss my pants"
by Billko July 20, 2005
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The part(line) of a rhyme(mostly used in freestyle battles), that personally attacks the opponent. This line is a necessity to ensure your win and to please the crowd. A punchline should cause sting to a crowd or a reader. (sting is when a crowd goes OOOOOOH,,,or ohhh shitttt sonnn!!!, after hearing a punchline)

the example if from FrancisM, a battler and he faces jism who got raped in this battle...15/0

i put the punchlines in brackets, as you can see there are two...after these punchlines, a crowd would reply by going OOOOOOOH...these punchlines as you can see, are targetting jism's sexuality, thus making it personal...
"i call this game wid DIS-BRITISH-CRIP//wish he could "mute" or DIMINISH-LIP//((look he took "pink" as A-GAY-FETISH-TIP))//(("jism"i got more ppl on my "dick" than dresses IN-YOUR-CLOSET))//"

((the punchlines are in double brackets))
by FrancisM February 06, 2007
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The act of saying something absurd when someone enters a room so as to make them think that you're discussing something very bizarre.
When Pat came into the room, Joe engaged in punchlining him when he said out of nowhere "and that's the last time I ever set a penguin on fire in my bathroom!".
by Mr_Shifty November 12, 2008
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The witty part of a joke or rap. Also ends the joke or rap.
Rap: I met a girl named selest with big breasts, when she touched me , i was hard like a spanish test.
Joke: How does a zombie get pleasure.
He monsterbates.
Those are punchlines.
by Dunno what the f** that is. March 06, 2009
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a phrase that kills an openent in a freestlye rap battle
yo ill sting you Draztik Rhymes (pkay) That would be considerd as a punchlines
by Pkay the guy from draztik September 07, 2008
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The moment when someone punches you in the face to make his point.
- Dude, what's wrong?
- Ugh, I've just got punchlined.
by MoonSister October 23, 2010
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An annoying sidekick who frequently interrupts comical anticdotes by anxiously blurting out the final line, an act that greatly diminishes the humor of the story. This person likely desires attention.
Don't even bother trying to tell any stories around jim. He's such a punchline pirate he'll wait til you set up the whole story then ruin it at the very end.
by lenneord October 22, 2008
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