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1. Someone who deprives someone of something or who holds something out on his friends (doesn't throw them a bone). Derived from the "Old Mother Hubbard" nursery rhyme in which mother Hubbard went to her cubbard to get her poor dog a bone. But when she got there the cubbard was bare, and so her poor dog had none.

Basically a brother who won't hook a brother up.

2. A G-rated substitute for M.F.
I asked that mother hubbard to hook me up with his cousin and he said she was way too classy for me.
by I.D. Eclare June 18, 2016
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not having any medical : see also bummer and medical emergency
headband: are you going to medicate?
CaliGuyMe: I'm mother hubbard I have not a thing in my cupboard.
by tetrahydroC September 09, 2011
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