the holiest of holies, the place all men aspire to be. Often paired with large, flappy labia known as "Beef Curtains." The appearance of the Cooter is usually heralded by the distinct reek of low tide.
Lauren's cupboard smelled like an octopus and resembled a bearded axe wound.
by Bob B Saget August 12, 2006
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a good hiding place and/or where americans go when a school shooter comes
guy 1: wow is jo still in that cupboard?
guy 2: yeah, joe is keeping her in there until the game is over
by amberlovesmrparkin May 5, 2019
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The place where we put things we don't like.
"Rory, take Hitler and put him in that cupboard over there." -Doctor Who
by Klaine4Eva February 21, 2013
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R Kelly's next destination after finally getting out of the closet. A place that depicts having no escape and or freedom!
Geoffrey is in the cupboard.

No one wants to talk with a person with such a name.
by loser mini-muffin July 9, 2009
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The art of cupboarding aka wardrobing ;

In the event of a 'mate' pulling a girl, the 'cupboarder' will recieve notification of the couple's ETA, then promptly strip, conceal themselves in the wardrobe of the 'mate' and wait for the couples arrival. At some crucial moment, with physical activity fully underway, the 'mate' signals for the 'cupboarder' to make their presence felt.

Consequence i) girl gets pissed off and leaves

Consequence ii) Cupboarder is gladly recieved. Cupboarding is a success! Hooray!
Tom: "Duuude, bringing this girl back to the flat tonight, up for some cupboarding?"

Jason: "sweet, i'll be there."
by JIMIIMIJ September 6, 2008
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Creating a literal or metaphorical closed off space, such as a cupboard. You do not have to be physically alone, the use of headphones may be appropriate but not necessary and can be done anywhere.
You will have to throw the kit kat at me as I am cupboarding
by BRB having a breakdown June 30, 2022
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Used as a reference towards young or underage girls that are aesthetically pleasing.
While at work the other day, we heard Martin shout "CUPBOARD", we turned to see a group of girls walking through the meat aisle. They're underage Martin, i said.
Yes but a few years in the cupboard will see them fit for consumption.
by Clyde Frog May 29, 2005
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