Extremely potent recreational drugs (usually marijuana), the very best around
"40 an eighth? it had better be the boom!"

"ayo take my number man I got the boom"
by McGuirki69 December 16, 2009
Boom boom boom boom, I wanna go boom boom. Let’s spend the night together, together in my room.
by Pitabröd #3925 April 22, 2020
The term "boom boom" is most often associated with south east asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, or Laos and is used to describe the act of intercourse, usually that which is purchased by males frequenting brothels and whorehouses in those locations. The term is thought to have been created by prostitutes possessing limited english language ability; ie- it is far easier for a non english speaking Thai prostitute to say "You go boom boom"? than it is for her to say "Would you like to go make completely unemotional and detached love with me"?
Sex Worker: "Hello handsome man, you go boom boom"?
Obviously not handsome man: "How much sweetheart"?
by Juz4workn January 27, 2010
basic, low level class. A regional adjective used in Tampa, FL
I got placed in the boom boom math class next year.
by hime_chan October 27, 2006
An act of defecating in a diaper or undergarment. Used by Homer Simpson in episode CABF04 ("Homer vs. Dignity").
"Baby made a boom-boom!"
by LudwigVan November 11, 2003
A sexual act in which a couple is having anal sex. It starts with the male riding on his girlfriend’s back like a horse and hollering, “YEEEEE-HAAAAW!!!!” while his dick is still in her turd-filled ass. Then he whips his dick out of her butthole and drums on her buttcheeks like a set of bongos until she projectiles a massive shitload all over him and the bed.
Kyle gave his now ex-girlfriend Taylor the ol’ classic boom-boom. He pounded the living shit out of her buttcheeks so hard that she shit all over his legs and the bedsheets and now he won’t go out with that disgusting cunt anymore.
by rosenovarocks August 10, 2021