Ashton: How did you discover that orange juice on pancakes was good?
Anna: I spilled some on my pancakes once and couldn't be assed to cook anything else.
by ame_jayy June 22, 2012
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wen one rubs his or her ass on someone else
by David Schrbopples March 24, 2005
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Your gay-assed son just came out.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
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When someone gets anally raped.
Little Mark got assed by M J last night!
by you July 23, 2004
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Cashed, or depleted, typically in reference to marijuana.
This bowl is assed, man.
by KorbenD February 28, 2005
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I'm sure Cal will get assed once again this football season in the PAC-10.
by Big Steve September 5, 2003
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qudsunique way of saying asked
I assed my teacher for his peepee size
by bigpeepeepoopooenergy December 19, 2018
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