broken or kaput. Something that no longer goes.
the fridge went kaput, it was so munted
by Kathryn Blake November 26, 2005
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to be ugly, disfigured or deformed from birth as the result of inbreeding or poor genetics, mentally retarded or stupid, an idiot, a moron, psychologically and/or socially disabled.
So many people in Geelong are munted because of the closed, low quality gene pool.
by charmingdiamond January 04, 2011
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Verb. To be/get munted.
Refers to the state of intoxication through either alcohol or other substances to the extent that you can no longer walk and all bodily functionality is lost.
"let us all get munted" -Nelson Mandela president of the United States of Africa 44BC- 1982
by Daonebest November 28, 2020
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when something or someone is jacked up or looks like a hot mess. like if you were to sit on your sandwich and it got mashed.
'i dont want that one, its all munted.'
by Hiro April 26, 2003
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the negative aesthetic of a person overall. the measurement of "muntedness" is done on a decimal grading system. 0.1 being least munted while 1.0 is at the highest end of the munted scale. the "muntedness" of a person can be increased by the consuption of drugs and alchohol.
that photo of your girlfriend from last night is 0.7 munted.
by 18Brigalow February 10, 2005
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