Sex with your girlfriends grandma In zero gravity while fighting a purple dragon while on LSD
"so.....I got to 22nd base"
"Really nasty"
by Blackguy_ December 8, 2014
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The day that the world lost their crap... The day that MCR or My Chemical Romance broke up. It broke the emo kids like crazy and if it’s mentioned around one be ready for eyeliner running.
Person: Today is March 22nd! It’s a great day too because it’s my birthday!
Emo kid: No one cares about your birthday (person’s name here) MCR BROKE UP ON MARCH 22ND *cries eyeliner and starts screeching*
by Panic!WithTheKilljoy June 30, 2018
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A Brothel, a place of great misgivings. Know to pull you in and spit you back out. Beware of wild exotic jeffrey.

Rule 1. Run across pool tarp when you walk in. Rule 2. Hit your head on the ceiling
Rule 3. Bring your A game always and never let your guard down.

It’s said that 22nd and Ash is like Hotel California, you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. If you decide to visit
Wise Gentleman: Hey, if you go to the Douglas Park area, make sure you stay away from 22nd and Ash

Someone: are we heading over to 22nd and Ash?

Wise Gentleman: Yes, so tread carefully. It is a wheel of fortune that you almost always lose. The dangers are nigh considered to be as great as they truly are.

Shout out Cleaser
by Cleaser May 3, 2020
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March 22nd is the day My Chemical Romance (MCR) broke up. all the emo's cried making their eyeliner run and they weren't o-fucking-kay and they promise that.
Person: it's March 22nd today
Emo: *eyeliner runs* *cries* I know

Person: you okay?
by Jacecookmustdie January 23, 2018
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People born on May 22nd are here to change the history of this planet earth these people are hard workers, charismatic, have a quick mind, are eloquent with their words and achieve anything that they want and make the impossible possible because of the relentless work-ethic ala Kobe Bryant.They don’t give up at challenge that lives throws at them. They only want the best of life. The professions of the people can be anything they want like: politicians, doctors, lawyer, builders, actors or CEO of important companies.
People Born on May 22nd are kings and queens.
by RainMakeh22 July 13, 2020
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The day MCR broke up. The emos cried. Everyone else vanished. The world exploded. No one was o-fucking-kay (they promise)
March 22nd was the worst day of my life
by I'm Trash March 14, 2017
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National Cuddle and watch Christmas movies Day
December 22nd is the day for cuddles Christmas movies and hot chocolate
by 4seasons November 5, 2019
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