When some thing is destroyed, misshapen or wrecked.
"see that car crash?"
"Yeah. The car got munted"
by blackie_nz_rox July 27, 2007
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1: New Zealand term for "retard".

2: Broken beyond repair.
"Dude, you're fucking munted!"

"HAHA, that munted girl just walked into a wall!"

"My phone is so munted! Guess I'm going shopping for a new one..."

"That fucking munted machine just stole my dollar!"
by thatONEgirlYOUknow.... August 25, 2009
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the rejection of ones brain due to relentless bombardment of an overwhelming chemical arsenel. To violate ones grey matter and turn it into pancake batter.
sooo...ummm...does this mean you want an example of a time that i witnessed muntedness or an actual sentence with the word in it.....because i could do both...the question is a bit vague..have you ever though of giving a few example of expected examples...hmm maybe that could be under example....anyway before i start rambling...whats this next question...Category....so many questions so little time...
by Ian Hard February 27, 2004
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The state one reaches when highly under
the influence of MDMA or ecstacy.
That Motherfucker was so munted he thought
that the clock was trying to eat him.
by Eagleman January 14, 2008
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something that is not right; demented, retarded
someone is MUNTED, something unexplainable is MUNTED
by Evie G June 08, 2003
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Definetly not the way it was when I had it.Deformed,squashed or just totally screwed up.....
It was ok til you screwed with it. Now it's just totally munted.
by Paul & Anthony January 16, 2004
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The point after a massive night of raping your head with narcotics where you're brain no longer connects with the rest of your body - symptoms are involuntary drooling, twitching, grinding what stubs are left of your teeth, chewing your face off, hallucinating and generally making a c**t of yourself. Usually followed by a stint in the twilight zone - a dirty, frightening place between sleep and awareness. Closely associated with fiended
'Man that guy is fucked' 'Nah man he's munted' 'should we call an ambo' 'What did you say man' 'Fuck knows, shit man we need more vicks!'
by R Yenarg July 26, 2005
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