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adj.-insane, crazy, eccentric
Calvin and Hobbes-Attack of the DERANGED Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
by Grant March 19, 2005
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An incoherent mental (and often physical) state, generally attributed to staying up all night eating treats (see: ecstasy) and/or various other substances, and often finished off with smoking copious amounts of weed.
I double dropped earlier and am now completely deranged.
by Kangaroo11 December 21, 2009
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What happens to vaqueros who leave the prairie too quickly.
Jorge galloped off the ranch an' got hisself deranged. Boy's brain was plumb pasturized. Too mas loco weed, pendejo.
by Armand Dillo January 04, 2013
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A deranged person is someone who dwells on heartaches, illusions, and imaginary issues of what their birth-right is to the point that the deranged person is likely to deceive their self into thinking or feeling that their actions are for a greater good, because the deranged person seeks fame and validation as being, "special."
Many rapists and pedophiles are deranged by thinking that they have social skills because they don't send texts, emails, instant or private messages, or online comments. Because what they're doing is just fooling around, and yet the same deranged person will likely leave anonymous notes on your car or door because that doesn't involve the internet.
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by Rosebud1776 August 21, 2018
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