in 1976 the word mung was described to me as the stuff that runs down a pregnant womans legs after you hit her in the stomach with a baseball bat about 20 times...this matches the south park reference and as frank zappa would say "vile and pernicous",
the beauty of truly disgusting words is that once you hear the meaning you have heard enough,mung
by ekim live July 23, 2006
Any vile or disgusting substance. Named after the actual definition which is the fluids that come out of a recently dead woman usually a nice cocktail of embalming fluid and leftover bodily fluids. Elderly women over 60 are preferred for this but beggars can't be choosers.

To get it you must go to a cemetery with very liberal security and a buddy you trust enough to commit breaking and entering with. You will also need said buddy to help you dig up the grave. Once you've hit pay dirt and found the corpse you put your lips around the vagina of the dead woman and have your buddy jump off a tombstone and onto the corpse's stomach and wait for the mung to splash up into your mouth.
Ewww Jessica just stepped in mung while wearing flip-flops.
by DennisIsEvil October 20, 2006
Word for people from the far east. Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, stuff like that. The word mung was used on the movie Gran Turino featuring Clint Eastwood.
I saw a mung guy carrying a bag of rice and a puppy across town the other day.
by diarena December 23, 2008
A sticky glob of nastiness left on the end of a Louisville Slugger that was roughly inserted into the vagina of a fat sweaty woman for her sexual pleasure.
Dude, did you see the mung left on that bat after he fucked Holly with it? Nasty!
by Wiseman July 7, 2006
Mung means some sort of idiotic person who sometimes could be smart

but sometimes can be dumb as shit.
{Naruto reference} Obito is a Mung so is Naruto
Being a mung is such a waste of personality
by Khups February 15, 2017
Jamaican origin- A throat and/or sinus condition caused by a reaction to air conditioning.
Auntie Ruby troat so full a de mung she now vexed wit de airplane driver fe mekkin she sick.
by KiNgStOn GaL April 10, 2008
what comes out when you squeeze a pregnant womens stomach.
man i bet that lady is full of mung
by moneymatt15 September 14, 2006