The action of squeezing another's knee cap or shoulder. This act is typically done as a joke or can be used as a question of "Oh Mung?" which literally means "are you horny?"
Aaron: "Oh mung"
Jacob: "you know it!"
by Munger55 March 10, 2008
take a pregnant woman, sew her vagina closed,beat her until she is no longer fat,whatever substance comes out the vag is the rich substance of 'mung'
Tyler Laurence loves slirping mung
by mugwump99 April 20, 2008
You and a buddy find a pregant woman either alive or dead. While the "faceman" lays down with his face firmly planted in the woman's crotch, the "jumpman" jumps off of a ladder in a canon-ball style and lands directly on her stomach. The impact should force different vagina and pregnant fluids out of the the vagina and into the face of the "faceman," with the ultimate goal being to eject the fetus from the woman as well. It is recommended that the "faceman" wear a poncho and some protective goggles. Two "jumpmen" may be needed for larger women.
This chick from Finland said she liked to mung, so my buddy jumped off of a ladder and I took a fetus square in the forehead.
by The Captain Mung May 13, 2005
Mung is now available in your local corner bar! Ask for it by name... and if they don't know what you're talking about, feel free to educate them on how to serve up a fresh mungshot:

1. Locate drainage hose connected to the underside of the "catch plate" beneath the beer taps.
2. Disconnect the end of the hose that feeds into the waste pipe (the other end).
3. Hold disconnected end of hose over a shotglass, and pour 1.5 oz of your least favorite liquor directly into the beer drain.
4. Serve when shotglass is full.
HOBSON: I say, Boddington, this shot certainly doesn't taste like the good old mung we're used to.
BODDINGTON: Indeed, but it sure as hell beats having to dig up a corpse to get a good drink.
OTHER GUY IN BAR: Cheers to that, mate!
HOBSON: No one's asking you, fuckface!
OTHER GUY IN BAR: What did you just call me?
BODDINGTON: Hobson, don't waste your bloody time on this bloke.
HOBSON: Aye... let's go huff some horse farts.
BODDINGTON: Brilliant!
by King Mung June 21, 2006
1. Noun. The Sticky Transluscent Red Stuff That Comes Out When You Push Down On A Pregnant Woman's Stomach.
2. Verb. To Mung. The Process Of Squeezing Mung Out Onto The Face Of The Receiver.
3. Sexual Attraction To Mung - Placentophilia.
She Really Munged Me
I'll Mung You Good Later You Baaaaaad Boy
Jesus Mark, Youve Got Mung All Over Your New Filing Cabinet
Mung Tastes Like Spare Change And Raw Horse Blood
by Led Zep Fan May 15, 2007
One of those rediculous cartoon things that never actually happen but somehow become 'fact' via the Internet.
"Oh totally people mung all the time."
by Goldfish March 8, 2005
The action of squeazing ones knee cap or shoulder. Normaly done as a childish joke.
Also can be said out loud many times in a row to anoy fellow friends.
jared: Mung,Mung, mung, mung
zeke: stop that is getting realy anoying!
by snowsk8z April 5, 2008