A gurl or guy that is beyond ugly (Butta-Heads look better)
That girl has a body but her face.... Ewww
by Brandon Womack June 19, 2004
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When you are a sarcastic hoe who wants to be shown affection but you don't wanna admit it anytime someone shows you affection so you use sarcasm so you don't have to admit you like the affection.
Jorden: gimme a hug! *hugs Lilith*

Lilith: Ewww affection

Jorden: stop acting like you don't like my hugs

Lilith: I don't loser *proceeds to hug jorden back*
by 1800-hot.asf January 26, 2022
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An exclamation when you see someone of particular ugliness.
"Look! Amy Winehouse is on telly"
"Ewww my god! Is that what she looks like?"
"Man I hope she dies."
by DStandup March 11, 2009
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1: Derived from the Eminem song "Superman". Translates into: "Oh Yes, Young woman, continue those promiscuous actions."
For example, if a girl were to "shake her tail-feather," one might reply with... "Ewww yah gurl, run dat game."
by brian seward November 25, 2004
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