1. Cold air blowing out of the vents.

2. Not sweating while just sitting in the car.

2. Not hotter than it is outside in Arizona!
by amanda sue August 23, 2006
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noun, a system where one "Climategate" troll fans another "Climategate" troll on a website's comment board.
"No one will ever make a solar panel that can power an house's air conditioning system!"
"FANNED - These Crap & Trade hippies never think about that!!!
by ErnestineBass April 12, 2011
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1. A gang/mafia term, regarding a shooting hit or assassination in which a bullet leaves or should leave an exit wound large enough for air to pass through. The act of air traveling through such a wound.

Also, a cover name for various hire-to-kill gang/mafia business fronts.
"Did we see Johnny lately? Let's just say he got some Air-conditioning put in..."


"Oh yeah, I put in Bob's Air-conditioning alright."


"I work in the Air-conditioning business."
by The 5n1tch September 05, 2011
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The term used to describe the uncertain nature of an automobile's air conditioning system.
Guy 1: "Turn on the air conditioning, it's smolderingly hot in here."

Guy 2: "I'm trying to get it to work. If I turn off the radio, roll my windows down, and accelerate past 40 miles per hour, my air conditioning should start functioning again."

Guy 1: "Your car is so air conditional. Also, I fucked your sister."
by Lamb Lamb August 05, 2009
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In the 1% motorcycle club world, air conditioning means to riddle a house with bullets, as a sign of disrespect and and open declaration of war.
” We’re gonna have to air condition their clubhouse, if they step out one more time. That’s the truth brother.”
by PhilthyUprDarby January 17, 2018
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cold beer held in crotch while driving.
frosty cold one between legs while operating pickup truck or old cadillac. driving with texas air conditioning on.
by hnbc August 03, 2006
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A Dutch oven without the sheet, where the perpetrator emits a smell so strong and thick in the air that it has the power to clear a room
"Man... that stinks... how could you do that to a loved one... turn down the dutch air-conditioning"
by pdizzlewizzle December 28, 2015
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