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An excuse used by parents for failing to discipline their kid and as a result creating an obnoxious, hyperactive, spoiled brat in severe need of a boot in the ass. Also a bullshit diagnosis given by child psychiatrists to prescribe pills for the kid because more than likely they're getting a kickback from the pharmaceuticals company.
Soccermom: My little Timmy has ADD.
DennisIsEvil: No he doesn't, he just needs a good boot in the ass.
by DennisIsEvil September 22, 2006
A great way to make sure sex won't be happening and you'll be spending lots of time sitting around the basement with a bunch of fat sweaty dorks.
Guy: I'm in severe danger of getting laid. This chick is nympho who ain't had sex in a month whaddo I Do?
Buddy: Don't worry I'll save you with some fantasy sports. Bros befo hos.
by DennisIsEvil August 22, 2006
Known as Dan "The Beast" Servern, A shoot-fighting bad-ass known for Ultimate Fighting and pro-wrestling. Was NWA heavyweight champion many times. Had an intense rivalry with Ken Shamrock and can put opponents in so many different holds they have to invent new ways to scream.
In a real fight Dan Severn would rip Hulk Hogan's roid ridden arms off and beat him to death with them.
by DennisIsEvil April 18, 2006
Taking a big shit. Often with lots of little chunks.
Jim: Hey Where you goin'?

Joe: I just ate 3 Burritos Bell Grandes and washed `em down with the big ass mountain dew for lunch man where do ya think I'm goin?"

Jim: You're taking the cosby kids to the pool.
by DennisIsEvil April 18, 2006
The thing on your t.v. or radio that you turn to turn off music or shows that you deem "offensive". Puritans like the FCC and PTC seem to have no concept that this exists and believe that they need to censor everything in existance so there children grow up to be comfortably numb victims.
If you don't like what's on your t.v. use the dial and change the channel dumbass.
by DennisIsEvil October 19, 2005
a run down poor side of town or when something is jerry-rigged and looks like it was made in ahalf-assed fashion.
1. That side of town is a ghetto.
2. Replacing a broken window with a trashbag and ducttape is ghetto.
by DennisIsEvil October 15, 2005