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Any vile or disgusting substance. Named after the actual definition which is the fluids that come out of a recently dead woman usually a nice cocktail of embalming fluid and leftover bodily fluids. Elderly women over 60 are preferred for this but beggars can't be choosers.

To get it you must go to a cemetery with very liberal security and a buddy you trust enough to commit breaking and entering with. You will also need said buddy to help you dig up the grave. Once you've hit pay dirt and found the corpse you put your lips around the vagina of the dead woman and have your buddy jump off a tombstone and onto the corpse's stomach and wait for the mung to splash up into your mouth.
Ewww Jessica just stepped in mung while wearing flip-flops.
by DennisIsEvil October 20, 2006
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One who always feels the need to be protesting or joining some cause such as greenpeace or PeTA. Causeheads are habitual joiners and often end up abandoning a previous cause for another more promising one.
Protestors who always feel the need to jump from one cause to another or a bunch of causes at once are causeheads.
by DennisIsEvil October 15, 2005
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Someone at work who saves all the good or easy jobs for himself and his buddies. Also applies to an athlete who only plays when he feels like it or when he can come in and take all the glory for himself.
Damn Jeff is such a cherry picker. He took the easy job and dumped all the grunt work off on us.
by DennisIsEvil August 22, 2006
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Anyone or anything that gets in the way of you getting some. The cock-block can be male,female, or inanimate. Many cock-blocks can't get any themselves so they try to stop somebody else. If they ain't scorin' nobody's scorin'. No scene is too embarassing in their undying quest to prevent your action. If your buddy's a cockblock don't bring him or her.
1. My old boss, Bob is such a cock-block. He won't let any of us guys chat with the female employees.

2. My car was a cock-block. It broke down on my way to the party so I couldn't go and possibly hook-up. I had to wait for the tow-truck to come and tow me home.
by DennisIsEvil February 28, 2006
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A huge waste of money. You'll spend assloads to get a worthless degree. Once you get out you will spend every single second of your day being harassed by the AES nazis while you're struggling to find a job. Don't laugh too hard at the guy at McDonald's flipping hamburgers you'll be there too once you graduate and more than likely he'll be your manager.

You also get the joy of listening to a bunch of dumbass ex-hippy professors try to fill your head with Communism and pointless dogma that's as worthless as tits on a bull in the real world.

Spending your student loan on lottery tickets is a more realistic goal than hoping to land a decent job with your degree.
Jim went to college and was a pompous ass thinking he'd get a great job out of it. Now he mows lawns.
by DennisIsEvil September 07, 2006
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An excuse used by parents for failing to discipline their kid and as a result creating an obnoxious, hyperactive, spoiled brat in severe need of a boot in the ass. Also a bullshit diagnosis given by child psychiatrists to prescribe pills for the kid because more than likely they're getting a kickback from the pharmaceuticals company.
Soccermom: My little Timmy has ADD.
DennisIsEvil: No he doesn't, he just needs a good boot in the ass.
by DennisIsEvil September 22, 2006
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Someone who considers it his or her sworn to duty to act like a complete ass at all times.
Assclownery: the act of being an assclown.
Anybody from the show jackass is an assclown
by DennisIsEvil October 15, 2005
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