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Going two or more days without bathing
(der. from beer brewing practice of adding actively fermenting wort to a batch ready for bottling in order to encourage further fermentation in the bottle)
"By the stank rolling off Larry on Monday morning, I gathered he drank himself gotch-eyed Friday night and had been kräusening ever since."

Angie usually kräusened on Sunday mornings while she did her laundry.
by Spacklepants March 26, 2009
vi., to flick the helix (top/rear edge) of another's ear with one's finger.

n., the flick of an ear by another's finger
Whenever I farted in public, I'd get such a twib from my brother that I had to start twibbing him back to get him to stop.
by Spacklepants September 10, 2007
The accumulation of grease, hand lotion, dead skin, hair, Diet Coke, and food crumbs that accumulates on the rollers inside a computer mouse.
I had to go into Sherry's office about every four or five weeks and scrape the mung off the rollers in her mouse, when elsewhere in the department, this practice was necessary maybe once every eight or ten months (and most people were clever enough to figure out how to do it themselves).
by Spacklepants November 16, 2006
crooked, uneven, or asymmetrical, esp. of the eyes
"I could never tell which direction that gotch-eyed Marty Feldman was looking."

Russia's Captain Count Nicholas Pavlovich Ignatieff was known to have a divided left iris, half of which was blue, the other half brown; tortured prisoners were said to have known he enjoyed inflicting pain and cruelty "by the glitter in his gotch eye."

"Last night we drank ourselves completely gotch-eyed."
by Spacklepants January 23, 2008