I heard trumpet players in the band refer to this as what remains in the horn after the spit valve has been emptied, i.e. a thin coating of hardened or coagulated saliva that builds up. Could also apply to other brass instruments and woodwinds.
You're getting out of tune. That thing must be filled with mung. You'd better wash it out.
by tralbry October 4, 2011
Any filth or secretion that can be oozed from the body excluding excrement.
You have mung stains in your underwear.
by Julzfin July 22, 2005
the algae, seaweed, and miscellaneous unpleasant plant matter found in lakes or the ocean; a common term among surfers.
Dude, I got mung in my wetsuit while I was out today.
by MrEff May 10, 2007
another word for the flegm left on your teeth when you have gone a long time without oral hygiene.
Jimmy forgot to brush his teeth and got his teeth covered in mung
by Julian Stacey June 25, 2005
Slang: To destroy someting or screw something up really badly.
"He munged that up pretty good."
"The CD was absolutely munged."
by Eli D August 20, 2005
Word made up by the southpark characters meaning to push on a pregnant womans stomach
Yo, lets go mung that bitch so her baby comes out small.
by RustyMosquitos September 13, 2005
vaginal secretions from a pregnant woman due to pushing on her stomach
" after i fucked my pregnant wife, my dick was covered in mung" or " i went down on a pregnant chick and got a mouth full of mung"
by glass bottom boat captain March 26, 2009