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The act of ejaculating into a rag or other receptacle when masturbating so as not to make a mess.
Clint needed to jack off again. He was out of Kleenex so he used a dirty sock for the catch.
by Wiseman July 10, 2006
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Nuych is a word that means:

1. a person that licks

2. a very dumb person

3. a person who craves semen
Come here you nuych and lick it


That is such a nuych, she suck and drank me all dry last night
by Wiseman March 11, 2005
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Expression used to describe something extremely revolting or disgusting.
1) Carrie had a face that could gag a maggot.
2) When Bruce farted it was enough to gag a maggot.
by Wiseman July 17, 2006
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The author of the book, "Trails in the Sand"
Have you read, "Trails in the Sand", by Peter Dragon?
by Wiseman July 19, 2006
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A nasty pimple that seems to form a new white head within a few hours of having squeezed all the puss out of it. A refill-a-zit will often take several days to finally go away.
Well, fuck me! I just popped that bad boy and now it's all white and nasty again. I hate refill-a-zits!
by Wiseman July 25, 2006
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Best Available Control Technology - Used in reference to pollution control in a manufacturing facility. When a new piece of equipment is installed in a factory, the best available method of controlling pollution available on the market at the time must be put in place with it.
The EPA dictated that we follow the BACT guidelines when building our new refinery.
by Wiseman July 14, 2006
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to keep something or a situation under control. to place restrictions often for the good of the whole
if someone doesnt regulate submissions to this urban dictionary, it will become an even larger chunk of turd.
see SHS freshman
by Wiseman January 20, 2003
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