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Extremely hot actress who plays Lois Lane on the WB's 'Smallville'.
Erica Durance is a babe! Did you see the episode of 'Smallville' where she went undercover as a stripper?
by Wiseman August 04, 2006
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The middle urinal in a group of three.
Bob was already pissing in the first urinal and Neal was relieving himself in #3 so I got stuck with the fag hole.
by Wiseman June 16, 2006
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A descriptive term used by youth to describe electronic music almost like edm or similar styles that are approved by hip hop or rap listeners. Some might describe DJ Snake and Lil Jon's iconic Turn Down for What as Tronic. Tronic is a derived from Electronic primarily, but some as myself see it from the words Tonic, Chronic, or Phonic. Tonic as in the drink which is sometimes associated with alcohol as in the drink Gin & Tonic (which Neil Bulson has a perfect description of those who drink those most being hipsterish people) these are the type of people who listen to this type of music regularly. Note: I have no problems with hipsterish people that's just what I've found. Chronic being good weed or something positive so people are calling the thing good. And finally Phonic or basic meaning not really deep or inspiring just hype music that tends to make good cash but not really be remembered as a classic.
This Tronic shit is in feel me?

I Love this Tronic music it goes.
He Mega Tronic lover.
by Wiseman August 05, 2015
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A person holding an alcoholic beverage in each hand. Often seen at keggers, ball games, or other places where the line for a drink is rather long. Individuals will often get two drinks at a time. When one is finished they get back in line. They can then enjoy the second beverage while waiting. That way they never run out and risk ruining their buzz.
Guy #1: Dude, are you two fisting it again?
Guy #2: Hell yeah! It takes 20 minutes to get a beer in this place.
by Wiseman July 14, 2006
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When a group of males get together a masturbate in a circle towards a cookie. The last person to cum on the cookie has to eat it. See circle jerk.
The guys a Sigma Alpha Epsilon played squirt on the cookie last night.
by Wiseman June 27, 2006
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An erect penis. Otherwise known as a boner, hard on, stiffie, woodrow, woody, etc.
After watching porn for a while, my little soldier was standing at attention.
by Wiseman July 25, 2006
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