what comes out of the vagina when you push on a pregnant woman's stomach
the fetus lay in a pile of mung as it twitched then slowly died
by tyler May 12, 2005
Mung v. Eat, or to eat.
Mung on this.

Let's go find something to mung on.
by Dr. Roberto Le Camembert February 24, 2009
the stuff that comes out when you push on a pregnant ladies stomach(definition from the south park that had the brown noise)
the mung came out extremely fast on that prego
by b minus December 19, 2006
The resulting secretion after kicking a late term pregnant woman in the stomach.
The dinner was cold; I forget what happened next, but there was mung all over the carpet.
by Ray Flynn May 11, 2005
Mung (n.) 1. A slang word used to describe the contents of afterbirth. 2. The #1 worst thing to get when trick-or-treating on Halloween. (Wayne's World, SNL) 3. The excretion that results from applying pressure to a pregnant woman's stomach. (South Park)

Ew, yo, I smell afterbirth... Mung.

For breakfast, I usualy begin my day with a steaming cup of mung, followed by french toast.

When it's gotta be Mung, make it Mung brand Mung.
by MartinMcManus December 5, 2005
The liquid substance that deploys from a pregnant woman's gash when she is struck to the stomach with a canoe paddle. Note that in order to achieve 'mung' (or 'to mung' the subject) one must use a CANOE PADDLE, otherwise it's just not mung.
I couldn't take her moaning in morning so I her into the back garden and munged her yin.

Josh got over the loss of his unborn child with a nice glass of mung.
Non-specific liquid found in un-clean places.
Garbage - Trash = mung
by Nutralizr April 22, 2009